Cashflow Management

Efficient & rapid cash cycle is very important for every business organization as Cash is considered as life blood of the business. Robust cashflow forecasting & management helps run smooth & un-interrupted business operation. We help our clients to improve cash position and implement cashflow forecasting process thereby assisting them in managing funds flow effectively. We review all aspects of cashflow and offer best practices recommendation for:

  • Trade & other receivables.
  • Trade payables & other commitments.
  • Inventory management and stock control.
  • Investment, financing activities & its related terms and conditions.
  • Assessment of other opportunities in improvising cashflow management.

Working Capital Management

Someone rightly said: "Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, but Cash is Reality". Globally, companies with efficient Working Capital Management are quite successful. As part of our offering, we assist companies in organizing & setting up necessary systems and processes to improve working capital management. Following is an illustrative list of activities we perform:

  • Review of Working Capital Management function and setting up necessary team roles and tasks.
  • Analyzing receivables and payables cycles and setting benchmarks.
  • Establishing escalation process.
  • Building detailed cashflow forecast and monitoring mechanism.
  • Identifying areas to improve cashflow cycles.
  • Assisting in setting up working capital lines with banks.
  • Negotiating better payment and collection terms.

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