Many a times, companies require someone to immediately takeover the responsibilities as their CFO. This could happen when the incumbent CFO suddenly quits. On occasions, he may fall sick for a long period of time. Or there may be times, when the company needs a seasoned senior Finance and Accounts professional with a rich CFO experience, in order to handle a specific project such as implementing a new ERP system or negotiating on a transaction with investors.

In such a scenario, you could either engage a head-hunting firm and spend loads of cash, as search fees and allocate signing bonuses for the new candidate, and still wait at least for about 3 months (on an average) until the new recruit starts working for your company and not do anything until then or Engage a CFO from SuperCFO team, as your Interim CFO. This will help the company tide over the gap formed by the departing CFO, and the joining period for the incoming CFO.