Did You Know That :

  • As a Director of a company, you hold fiduciary responsibility to all stakeholders and so each decision of yours, whether active or passive, is very important for the company and your own risk exposure.
  • Directors are held liable to many regulatory bodies, including other stakeholders, for wrong decisions and/or negligence.
  • Post Enron & Satyam, stringent Corporate Governance rules have been made effective, increasing Director Responsibilities multi-folds.

Knowing above,

  • Are you researching and analyzing all proposals adequately before giving your consent?
  • Do you have adequate time and resources to research those proposals received from the company?
  • Do you take any independent, confidential view on financials and other proposals, other than relying on the judgment of the company officials, who have vested interest in getting those proposal approved?
  • Do you think it would help you personally from a risk perspective and also from the Board positioning perspective if someone did all the research and analysis in the background and gave you necessary inputs for you to ask the right question at the Board Meeting?

SuperCFO understands Corporate Governance demands and provides customized services to Non-Executive Directors. At SuperCFO we undertake detailed review and analysis of financials and proposals submitted to the Directors (which may range from a simple financial statement to multi dimensional business issues concerning mergers, acquisitions, fund raising and restructuring of capital & business to mention a few, involving application of advanced financial tools) and in-turn provide them with well researched Executive Summaries assisting Directors in understanding matters that may not appear easily on the surface of the proposal

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